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Message from the founder

People can and do work together to produce extraordinary results.  Whether these people work within the same unit, different units, or different organizations is unimportant.  Whether they have a negative or positive history together is unimportant.  What they have accomplished in the past is unimportant.  What is important is that a small group of committed people are willing to let go of the past and embrace the future.  What is important is their willingness to build and abide by agreements that guide their communications, decision-making, and management of conflicts  What is important is their willingness to work toward realizing the bigger picture rather than being content with temporary gain.

I help people acknowledge counterproductive conflict and develop a willingness to move beyond it.  I help people organize joint planning initiatives to produce decisions that people support.  I help people manage situations in which emotions run high.  And I help people work with those of different personality types.  My experience is substantial, and my programs and services are especially well-suited for engineering, technical, scientific, and government organizations. 

Warmly, Laurel

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Laurel Boucher, PE, ME 

Positioning People for Effective Communication and Coordination

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