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New - SuperPowers Workshops 

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Positioning People for Effective Communication and Coordination

a HUBZone, Woman-Owned Small Business

I am proud to announce the launching of our new SuperPowers Workshops.  For over 20 years I've been using Keirsey's temperament model to help position people for effective communication and coordination.  Temperament is a tool to help us recognize innate tenancies that influence who we are and how we behave.  In my life, knowledge of temperament helped me transition years ago from an engineer working for the federal government to a person who travels the world doing what comes natural to me and what I do the best.  If you're curious, I welcome you to check out the flier or the link and learn more about what is now available.

For over 20 years The Laurel Co. has offered facilitation services custom-designed for each project.  The Laurel Co. specializes in working with technical and scientific organizations, especially those within or involving US government agencies.  We provide expertise to help clients communicate and coordinate effectively across organizational boundaries (different companies, different parts of the same company, government/contractor projects, and projects involving the coordination of multiple government agencies).  



Laurel Boucher, PE, ME 

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