Helping people develop the processes, mindsets, and 

relationships to work together effectively


In today's business world, I help people deal with the "human factor."  Essentially, I help groups develop the processes, the mindsets, and the relationships to perform effectively as a team.  Most groups I support work one or more substantial projects that cross organizational boundaries, i.e., they consist of parties from different government agencies, different parts of the same organization (Headquarters and Field Offices), or government agencies and private industry/contractor organizations.  My experience is substantial and my programs are practical and powerful.  Because of my technical background as an engineer, I am an especially good fit for engineering, technical, and scientific organizations.

As a sole proprietor I can offer a personalized approach.  Training, facilitation, team-building, partnering, and conflict resolution initiatives are not “off the shelf.”  In fact, I have never conducted the exact same program more than once.  Each participant group has different needs, interests, and expectations.      

Over the years I’ve developed different tools and approaches to make learning easier and more enjoyable.  Many of the more substantial ones are mentioned in this website.  I invite you to learn more about what I offer.  This site as well as my LinkedIn profile ( provides further information    




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Laurel Boucher, ME, PE 

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