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About Laurel Boucher

What brought me to doing this work?  

As a young adult, I went into engineering for two reasons:  1) it was a profession that would allow me to travel overseas, and 2) it (environmental engineering) was a profession that would allow me to work outdoors in nature.  (I discovered the first was true, the second wasn't.)  While I could do the engineering work well, as I got into the management of people I found this was a much better fit.  Our agency was in somewhat of a crisis in that we were in conflict with the environmental protection agencies trying to accomplish our work.  Fortunately my management had the insight to institute a partnering approach with these agencies (i.e., similar to the type of working relationships I help institute today), and I discovered this type of work was an even better fit for me.  Eventually I left that position (with the Navy) and headed to Washington D.C. to try out these partnering principles on other projects.  Two years later I left federal government when my family and I made the decision to move back to northern Michigan.  That was a long time ago, and since then as a private sector professional I've been helping technical people work together more effectively.  It's been and remains an interesting, sometimes unnerving, mostly rewarding journey.       

What makes me uniquely qualified to do this work?

Because I am an engineer with 15 years experience as a federal government employee, I am a really good fit for many technical and scientific government organizations.  I am an intuitive, exceptional listener, and people tell me they feel listened to without judgment.  I feel really comfortable mediating most workplace conflicts, and I enjoy instructing people on using collaborative work practices.  I have strong organizational, project management and follow-through skills, and this helps me keep the momentum going on projects that otherwise might peter out.  My writing skills continue to improve, and I work diligently to find the words that communicate clearly and succinctly.  

I've taken the right courses, obtained certifications, written and published technical papers --- all to support becoming an expert in this area of work.  This information is outlined in detail on my linkedin profile. 

I also have a good sense of humor which helps clients loosen up a bit.   

What kind of stuff do I do in my free time?

The world is a vast and interesting place, and I like to visit different places, see new sites, and watch people.  Even though I am an introvert by nature, my mother instilled in me a curiosity of people and the ability to extrovert myself to talk with them, to open up and meet people.  

When the sun is shining and it's warm enough, I like to take in the rays.

My home base is a log home in the Hiawatha National Forest of northern Michigan.  It is situated down a dirt road on five acres with the nearest neighbor being across the lake.  It is private and peaceful, my Walden Pond.  

Another one of my interests is fashion, and I spend some time each day at least looking at what's out there.  Because of the way I dress, many of my clients can't picture me living in the woods in a log cabin.    

What's something that hardly anyone knows about me?

As a young child, I secretly desired someday to be an anthropologist.  In a way, however, this work is somewhat like being an anthropologist as I am studying people, only they happen to be alive.