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Early in her career as an engineer working for the U.S. federal government, Ms. Boucher experienced the contrast of working primarily with her agency's interests in mind to working in ways to develop solutions that met both her agency's interests and those of "partner" agencies.  Eventually this experience led her to move into the private sector and develop innovative ways for people to build solutions across organizational boundaries.   

Our clients are typically engineers, technical professionals, or scientists who work for or closely with government organizations, especially in the areas of environmental remediation, construction, and nuclear materials long-term storage.  

Those who participate in our workshops, interview surveys, or conflict resolution programs regularly comment:

  • They are able to accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time.
  • They have the opportunity to actively engage with their colleagues on issues of relevance and meaning to them.  None of the activities are "touchy-feely," although they affect people on multiple levels of intellect and emotions.
  • Outcomes are very practical. 

Ms. Boucher helps her clients develop the mindset and tools needed to work effectively across organizational cultures.   

"Working with Laurel has transformed the way I conduct business and develop professional relationships. She is an expert at team building and partnering.  She helped me transform a group of individuals from different State and Federal agencies, with seeming opposing motives, into a highly effective team. I highly recommend Laurel and her methods. Even if your organization, group, or team isn't in chaos, you'll certainly benefit from her good work, professionally and personally."

Lieutenant Colonel Troy Fontenot; Chief, Facilities Management Branch at Army National Guard

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

--- Albert Einstein