Each of us is driven by our nature to make a difference, but in different ways.  Temperament theory — in existence for over 2,000 years — is a science-based tool that helps us recognize the lifelong predisposition we and others have toward certain patterns of behavior.  By being aware of temperament patterns in both ourselves and key figures in our life, we have a blueprint, a formula, a model that helps us be more successful and make a difference our way.

Knowledge of temperament theory helps us build on our natural talents and strengths — our SuperPowers.  It helps us recognize the conditions that cause a loss of our SuperPowers, optimism, or zest.  It can also help us know how our SuperPowers can be restored or enhanced.  

Application of this knowledge makes it possible for us to engage with others more effectively to make the difference we want to make in our work, in our home, and in our communities.  

​​SuperPower Workshops can be provided in your place of business.  These can be tailored to the application of greatest interest to you.  Your workshop can address one or more (or a combination) of the different subject areas:

- The Leadership Styles of Each SuperPower
- Potential Challenges of Each SuperPower
- Relating Effectively to Each of the Four SuperPowers
- Type of Leader Each SuperPower Is Inclined to Follow
- What Weakens and What Restores One's SuperPowers
- Where Each SuperPower Is Most Effective and Satisfied 

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