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"Laurel did phenomenal work in my organization....creating a never-seen-before collaboration between two factions with years of individual and group distrust and mutual dislike. Her ability to get to both intra-group and inter-group issues was great...and swift.  Once she had built relationships within each group, she was able to bring them together in unique ways to acknowledge and discuss differences and play on individual and organizational strengths.  The result was a brokering of agreements to make working together more productive and enjoyable going forward.  I applauded her skills, abilities, efforts, and achievements at the time. Eight years later, I continue to sing her praises."

David W. Maxwell; Program Director, ConnectME Authority

"Laurel consulted with us at the Dept of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy. Her ability to bring people together to make things happen is without peer. Her positive energy is infectious, and she quickly reads the landscape of the task at hand and the personalities involved, and moves everyone forward to accomplish important goals. I worked with her on an internal communications plan that I have used as a template for a strategic communications plan at USDA. It really works. I recommend her highly for any organization looking for help in facilitation, team building, and mobilizing people to advance the strategic goals of the organization."  

Dick George; Communications Branch Chief at the U.S. Department of Agriculture

"Laurel did an excellent job mediating between EPA and the Army to achieve a technically challenging environmental cleanup. Her work allowed the project to complete 3-years ahead of schedule."

Renee Wynn; then Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Information

"Thank you for outstanding efforts with the recent NAVFAC and USACE Partnering Session in Bahrain. This demanding and operationally critical program requires the involvement of two high performing teams. Both just happen to be DOD agencies. You did a great job facilitating the event and keeping the teams focused on the overall objectives. I commend your preparatory work as well. You made the extra effort to understand the issues, the processes, and the dynamics of each agency. Thanks to your innovative facilitation methods and your persistence, the Partnering session was considered a success. You helped direct our teams in the right direction."

Soliman Labrador, P.E., Chief Engineer - NAVFAC EURAFSWA

"Laurel is an excellent facilitator and adept at enabling participants to identify the key issues that cause conflict and skilled at bringing people together to resovle those conflicts.  I had the pleasure of working with her during a partnering session she facilitated involving two DoD agencies that had been struggling to work together constructively, and she was very succesful in guiding the teams to reach significant agreements needed in order to achieve meaningful change in the working relationships."

Jason Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Branch Chief at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Middle East District

"Laurel conducted a one-day partnering session for my firm in advance of a large renovation project we were recently awarded for the US Navy. The 18 participants were designers, subcontractors, end users, and government representatives, several of whom attended from out of state. Laurel's performance on the three critical aspects of her responsibility (advance preparation, conducting the session, and producing a summary) achieved a high degree of success. Laurel was diligent, prepared, organized, and very personable, which fostered a day of comfortable participation and communication. During the session she transitioned from leader to observer as needed to maintain interest and focus of the group. As a result of her effort the team is communicating well and the project is starting off on the right foot."

Patrick Collins; Vice President at H.V. Collins Company